ROBO interface unit


The new ROBO interface unit (93293) is a quantum leap forward in design. It provides all of the inputs and outputs on the 30402 interface with 8 digital inputs, 2 analogue resistive inputs and 4 motor outputs - but also provides 2 voltage inputs (0-10V) and monitors the supply voltage, 2 distance sensor inputs and an Infra-Red transmitter input for testing and controlling models using the fischertechnik remote control unit. All motor outputs are now speed controlled in 8 steps and also allow you to use them as 8 digital outputs for lamps, buzzers and electromagnets etc.

The ROBO interface unit (93293) is expandable to 32 digital inputs, 5 resistive inputs and 16 motor outputs (or 32 digital outputs) using up to 3 fischertechnik I/O expansion modules (93294). The expansion module also provides a low-cost way of controlling your models direct from the PC through the USB port! 

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