Whats a Robot? Pre-School Show



Meet Ibo, Eddie and their friend. Students are exposed to a range of different types and sizes of robots using a singular or multiple sensors. Children are encouraged to discuss how each robot responds to its surroundings. 

A Variety of robots are demonstrated to the students and the various methods of control are explained. Students discuss the sensors we use as humans and identify which ones are used by the robots.  Scientific principles of movement and balance is also explained. 

Suitable for:

  • Pre-School


All our incursions are compliant with the Australian Curriculum, and we are constantly seeking out new and exciting technologies and advancements to continue to be industry leaders in providing relevant and stimulating material. 

Dates & Times:

Incursion Duration: 1 hour

Class Size: 20 (min) to 30 (max)

More information:

All presentations are one hour and charged per student per hour and GST can be claimed back. we travel in a motor-home and provide all the equipment, a surcharge may apply for large travel distances. This surcharge can be avoided by networking with other schools in your region and involving them so that we can stay in an area for a longer period of time. Minimum charges apply for all incursions.