Ollie Darkside Robot Racer


Expect the unexpected with Ollie Darkside. This is Ollie with ATTITUDE. Ollie Darkside is programmed to keep you on your toes, fighting against your commands and getting up to mischief. Download the free app to tame your new robot, dominating every inch of turf, trail, and track. Perfect stunts and tricks to show off to friends and family.

Join the robot racing revolution. Ollie Darkside rolls at speeds of up to 14 km/hr and connects instantly to your device via Bluetooth LE with a range of up to 100 feet. Change the driving experience with the included Nubby Tires, adding better traction for faster turning times or take them off to drift like a street racer.

Powered by USB charging, Ollie Darkiside is ready to roll out in sleek black. Enjoy a full hour of drive time per charge. Darkside Ollie is programmable so you can get your first taste of robotics.

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