SMS Controller Module


*Control appliances or receive alerts from anywhere!
Refer: Silicon Chip November 2004.
Would you like to be alerted via SMS when your burglar alarm has been activated, and which sectors too? How about being able to also reset the alarm if you are confident all is fine? It may seem futuristic, but it is all possible with the SMS controller module. By sending plain text messages, you can control up to eight devices. At the same time, it can also monitor four digital inputs. It works with old Nokia handsets such as the 5110, 6110, 3210, and 3310, which can be bought quite cheap if you do not already own one.
*Requires a Nokia data cable which can be readily found in mobile phone accessory stores.
*Kit supplied with PCB, pre-programmed microcontroller, and all electronic components. 12VDC, 500mA.

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